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Water Damage Davis

Call PuroClean for all you flood, mold removal and water damage needs
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Our services in Davis include

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Direct billing to Insurance
  • Crawl Space Water Damage and Mold cleanup
  • Damaged Basement Clean up & Dryout
  • Water and Sewage Extraction
  • Mold Removal and remediation
  • Complete Structural Drying
  • Dehumidification large and small scale
  • Complete Disinfection & Sanitization
  • Content Pack-out, Storage and Pack-back
  • Mold Detection Services
  • Fire Damage Mitigation and Restoration
  • Soot Damage Restoration & Cleaning
  • Complete Smoke Damage Cleaning

Water damage claims costs can be drastically reduced with our prompt response using the PuroClean QuickDry System.

PuroClean Home Rescue is your local commercial and residential water damage, mold removal and fire/smoke damage specialists.


If you have a water loss, we can restore it!

Contact PuroClean Home Rescue now, so that we can start the process of damage mitigation and property restoration right away before the water damage worsens.

Our PuroClean QuickDry System

PuroClean Home Rescue employs the top-down or vortex method. Using a mechanized ride on weighted extractor we can remove over 90% of the water from carpet, padding and subfloor within the first hour on-site.

Our QuickDry system is applied psychrometricscience a proven process that combines proper levels of dehumidification and heat. High Capacity Air Movers create a vortex, similar to the motion of a tornado. A Low-Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier draws in cool, wet air and blows out warm, dry air.

The system helps ensure the best possible outcome. We can save almost everything: drywall, wood, carpets and most contents resulting in lower costs! We measure the moisture content of materials, monitor and log progress so we know the actual drying time and ensure restoration to the appropriate dry standard.

Our system is guaranteed. Call us immediately, and yourhome or business will be dry sooner than you think.

PuroClean Home Rescue's water damage division is equipped and certified to take care of all area of a water damage related loss - Including water supply line breaks (washing machines, refrigerators etc), floods, frozen pipes that then break, roof leaks, toilet overflows, sewage back-ups and more. PuroClean Home Rescue technicians are IICRC trained and certified to properly evaluate the best procedures to remove the excess water and assist in the complete structural dying. This may also include complete pack-outs and offsite storage of contents affected by the loss. The cost of a water damage claim increases if prompt action isn't taking to contain the loss which is why PuroClean Home Rescue has a 60 minute response time to your water damage emergency.

We understand the urgency of responding to a water damage or sewage damage loss and also the devastation they can cause by disrupting your home, business and lives. PuroClean Home Rescue works with all insurance companies to help the speedy processing of claims for water damage losses here in Davis. We use estimating and pricing software that is owned by the insurance industry and we will bill them directly.

Water Damage misconceptions

"Hundreds of dollars of cleaning can become thousands of dollars of replacement due to delayed action."

Over the years there has been a huge amount of opinions and misconceptions involving water damage, fire damage and mold issues causing property damage and the resulting restoration process. These are a handful of the most prevalent commonly expressed non-truths:

General statement: "It is less expensive to replace rather than to salvage."
Water Damage misconception: "Once the carpet is dry, everything is dry, so that noisy equipment can be removed."
Cleaning misconception: "If you get your carpets cleaned, they will get dirty faster."
Water Damaged Structure misconception: "Don't worry about the wet walls; they will dry on their own."
Fire Damage misconceptions (1): "After a fire is out there's no rush to process the smoke cleanup since the damage has already been done."
Fire Damage misconceptions (2): "If a building has experienced a fire, it will always smell like smoke."

PuroClean Home Rescue lead technicians are trained to see beyond the misconceptions and misinformation that often complicate a claim. Secondary damage is damage due to a failure on someone's part to either act quickly or take the right processing actions and to either mitigate or restore damage caused by soot, smoke, water, sewage, and mold.

The greatest failure in any water damage drying scenario would be in removing the drying equipment before everything is dry to the "dry standard." The dry standard describes the moisture content of the affected material in normal or ambient conditions. So a good test would be to meter the material as it's drying and compare it to the same material in an unaffected area of the home. Using the carpet or cushion to determine dryness is a gross misrepresentation of whether the structure is dry or not since different materials dry at different rates. PuroClean Home Rescue uses meters and sensors to document and record data that supports and justifies the equipment usage and when the equipment may safely be removed.

PuroClean Home Rescue is certified by:

IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification

Water Damage Images

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water damage davis extraction water damage davis infrared camera water damage davis moisture readings water damage davis hardwood floors

Extraction setup

Water Extraction Infrared Camera Drywall Meter Install Floor Mats
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The complexities posed by smoke and water damage are often not understood by the average carpet cleaner, maid service or handyman. They think they can do it for less, when they really do not understand the variables involved. Once involved in a loss and the scope of work becomes apparent, quality or cost may suffer.

PuroClean Home Rescue are professional restoration specialists. We concentrate on returning both the dwelling and content to pre-loss condition quickly and cost effectively.

"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." - William A. Foster


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Categories of Water Damage

The water responsible for causing the damage in first place falls into one of three categories determined by the level of contamination present. This classification is important in determining the necessary level of care and sanitation required to return a structure to a pre-loss condition.

Category 1: This categorizes water that comes from a clean source and includes clean water supply lines (such as supply lines to the washer, refrigerator, toilet etc), faucets, clean toilet tank or bowls and bottled water. Once these are contaminated by being exposed for a certain period of time (bacteria amplification doubles every 20 minutes) or being in contact with contaminants, their category changes to either 2 or 3.

Category 2: This categorizes water that has some level of contamination that may cause discomfort or illness if ingested. This includes washing machine overflow, dishwasher overflow and even toilet overflow with urine but no feces. This category can also include category 1 water that was left to sit for an extended period of time. With the passing of time, even category 2 water can deteriorate further to category 3.

Category 3: This is the worst and categorizes water that is completely unsanitary and could cause severe illness or death if ingested. This includes overflow from the flooding of streams and rivers (water from outside coming inside), sewage water, water that comes from beyond the toilet trap, toilet bowl water with feces and standing water with microbial growth.

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