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Water Damage Arlington & Fairfax VA

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Arlington and Fairfax Emergency Services:

  • Emergency Service 24 hours a day!

  • Direct Insurance billing

  • Complete Structural Drying

  • Dehumidification drying

  • Basement and Crawl Space mold removal

  • Basement and Crawl Space dry out

  • Clean Water and Sewage Extraction

  • Mold Remediation and removal

  • Disinfection & Sanitization

  • Contents Pack-out and Pack-back

  • Mold Testing Services

  • Fire Damage Restoration

  • Odor control

  • Soot Damage Cleaning

  • Complete Smoke Damage mitigation and restoration

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Ozone treatments

PuroClean Certified Restoration has been taking care of commercial and residential Water Damage and Mold Damage losses in Arlington VA, Fairfax VA and all surrounding areas for over 10 years

Water Damage in Fairfax and Arlington VA? We can dry it!

Water Damage Tips

Below are a number of tips to consider anytime there is a water loss, however, get hold of PuroClean Certified Restoration first so we can get a crew of specialists to your loss quickly!

  • Figure out exactly where the water is originating from or precisely what triggered it and stop the source, or contact a plumber.
  • Work out what type of water it is? Are you dealing with clean water (category 1), somewhat unclean water (category 2) or storm water or sewage (category 3)? Out of these water damage types, clean fresh water is the easiest to work with because of the lack of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. Category 2 water is also known as grey water and contains a small degree of contaminants. Grey water originates from areas like washing machines, toilet bowl leaks (without solids) and similar sources. Category 3 water (Black water) is by far the worst to deal with like sewage. It has to be handled with care and is completely different to a clean water loss. Because sewage is grossly unsanitary itís best not to touch any items that have come into contact with it. Even when professional water damage mitigation technicians deal with category 3 water they use full PPE which is comprised of eye protection, gloves, face masks and full disposable suits.
  • Electricity is another area of concern and the chance of electrical shock can be reduced by wearing rubber soled shoes and keeping power cords out of the water. Donít use any electric powered items and shut off the power to the flooded area at the breaker box. Ask PuroClean or your local power supply company for help if needed.
  • If youíre going file a claim be sure to keep a record of all water damaged contents by means of photos or video Ė donít throw items away until your adjuster has inspected them.
  • Remove as much furniture from the affected area safely possible.
  • Remove artwork from the walls if that room is affected and place in an unaffected room. PuroClean has a business relationship with the best art restoration company around and art pieces can be sent to them if they are expensive or hold sentimental value.
  • Place affected cushions on edge to assist with drying and loop drapes through a coat hanger, hanging from rod to keep off wet floor.
  • To prevent discoloring or bleeding onto wet carpets, place pieces of foil or plastic under wood and metal furniture legs.
  • If you want to get a head start while PuroClean is on the way, use a wet/dry shop-vacuum instead of a household vacuum. You can also use cotton or paper towels. To prevent further damage to carpets remember not to put newspaper down on the wet carpet Ė the ink will transfer to the carpet.
  • Donít leave wet rugs rolled up, but rather remove them from the floor and hang them to dry outside or inside if thereís enough air movement.
  • Wipe as much standing water from wood furniture including table tops if water came from above. This could be a good time to remove lamps and tabletop knickknacks.
  • Your HVAC system is a large dehumidifier, if itís safe to do so and water didnít come from above turn on the HVAC system to begin the drying process. Alternatively you can also open windows and door if it's safe and dry outside.
  • If you havenít already, then call the experts at PuroClean certified restoration 703-349-1189 for water damage mitigation and restoration services.
  • Household contents affected by sewage or category 3 water will have to be bagged, tagged and possibly discarded, but document the items first.
  • If you have valuable papers or books that have been affected store them in the freezer until a document restoration company has been called in to freeze-dry them.
  • Even with high powered dehumidifiers and air movers carpets will take about two days to dry, but walls and cabinets could take longer, and hardwood floors can take an extra few days to release all the moisture. Carpets that were affected by sewage with need to be thrown out. Itís important to call PuroClean when your carpets are water damaged - homeowners can't effectively dry large areas of soaked carpets in the time required. Contact us at 703-349-1189 now!
  • Moisture trapped in wall cavities will grow mold if not dried which is why PuroClean uses moisture meters to examine all walls for moisture and ensure they are within the dry standard.
  • Itís important to call your insurance company and report the water damage. They will assign a claim number and in all likelihood an adjuster will contact you in a day or two. If your adjuster canít respond timely DO NOT wait for them, get PuroClean out immediately to start the process Ė remember you have a responsibility to mitigate the damages to your insured property

PuroClean Certified Restoration is certified by:

IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification

Inefficient mitigation following water damage causes Mold!

90% of all mold damage is a result of inefficient water damage mitigation, poor air circulation and excessive humidity levels in rooms like bathrooms.

Mold inside a home can cause headaches, upper respiratory problems, nose bleeds, drowsiness, muscle aches, or even more serious issues. If you have any of these symptoms and suspect mold call an industrial hygienist to get your home tested. DO NOT call a mold remediation company to perform the testing for you as the mold testing should be completely independent from the remediation company. PuroClean certified restoration can help with your mold removal problem by recommending a testing company. PuroClean will then get rid of the mold and treat the contaminated areas with an anti-microbial. We will get your home to pass a mold clearance test.

Mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours under ideal conditions if water that makes contact with organic building materials (like wood or the paper backing on drywall) isnít extracted and removed efficiently. This mold growth may not be immediately visible if the source of water is such that the inside of the wall or other surface is wet. The mold damage may stay hidden beneath the floor boards, inside the walls, or above the ceiling until the damage is severe enough that itís noticed or someone gets sick.

Regardless of the size of the job, it's always best to call a professional mold removal company like Puroclean for the cleanup. Often general contractors use inefficient and often dangerous methods which can cross contaminate the entire home or office building and cause more issues for people in the building.

Don't delay. Call PuroClean certified restoration immediately.

Water Damage Images

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Extraction setup

Water Extraction PuroClean Infrared Camera Drywall Water Meter Installing Floor Mats
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Flood Advice

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Arlington Water Damage

Frozen water damage pipes image
If the temperature falls to 34 or below your frozen pipes could burst and flood your house causing water damage.
Above ground pool flood damage image
Water can leak from an above ground swiming pool ruining your lawn and flood your basement with category 3 water.
Water damaged house from washing machine image
If your washine overflows or the water supply line breaks your home could water damaged in hours, ruining floors and walls.
Sewage overflow sewage damage image
Your sewer could backup and flood your house with catgegory 3 sewage water causing costly sewage damage.
Flooded basement image
Water entering your basement from underground - normally from storms causing foundation & home water damage
Flood damage caused ceiling damage image
During a heavy rainstorm, water can come through the roof and ceiling. This class 3 water damage can damage a whole house.

Rain and flood damamge in Fairfax image

A levee could break or river could burst it's banks causing a flash flood. Cleanup is costly since it's category 3 water damage.
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