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Personal Contents: Cleaning and Packout

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Personal contents cleaning and packout

Personal contents are usually the personal pride of an individual. Structures can be repaired and repainted, but contents have a unique intrinsic value that often exceeds even monetary considerations. Contents are valued as a result of their real value, antique value, or sentimental value. A professional restoration company will be able to differentiate between these values to allow for an appropriate determination on the cost effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Determine value of contents for cleaning and packout

Real value means the amount of money necessary to replace the item. It is important to realize the difference in replacement costs and actual cash values. Actual cash values will take into consideration the age and/or the pre-loss condition of the item. True replacement cost will only deal with how much it will cost to purchase at today's prices, regardless of age or condition. It must be understood that "like kind and quality" are often the ruling words here. With the ever-changing technological advances in electronics, for instance, what was expensive at the time of original purchase may not be as expensive in today's market place.

Antique value does not consider replacement but rather how much appreciated value the item has acquired due to age, originality, condition, rarity, and demand. Authentic antiques should be appropriately "scheduled" on an insurance policy. Often times, a qualified appraisal or expert may be necessary for authentication of true antique value. Pre-loss condition may become an important issue dependent on the severity of the loss at hand. Professional restoration firms know that just because the homeowner says that the piece is old, does not necessarily mean it is valuable or an antique.

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Sentimental value, on the other hand, is value associated with an item that means more to an individual than money, and often could cause more emotional distress than monetary loss. These are items that cannot be replaced and can leave a psychological scar as a result of the loss. Sentimental values of items are often connected to the "heartstrings" of an individual's past such as families, friendships, affectionate relationships, and memories. Family photographs will usually fall in the category of sentimental value.

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Saving personal treasures

Although sentimental values are not insurable, a great deal of "good will" can be created with the homeowner when dealing with these items. A professional restoration specialist will often be able to endure minimal expense to salvage some of a family's personal treasures.

Professional restoration companies have a responsibility to consider all these "values" when processing a claim for the insured. Restoration firms must also be able to implement a process to help make the distinctions between real, antique, and sentimental values. A professional restoration firm will be able to help in the determination between real value and perceived value.

Artwork of all media forms falls into an area of limited risk. Restoration professionals must realize that the liability of processing an "average" smoke-damaged painting is directly related to its value. Restoration firms that attempt to clean artwork must be prepared to make compensation for its real value if damaged during the restorative process. Items must be qualified. Expensive, high-end pieces must be restored only by specialists from the restorative art industry. A professional restoration firm will be able to arrange for an appropriate specialist to properly handle the piece in question.


Let's not forget about collections. They come in all shapes, sizes, and items. People will collect anything, and yes, some do collect junk. After all, one man's junk is another man's treasure. Although these items may be very important to the individual, sentimental value along with perceived value is often involved. Whether the collections are coins, stamps, glassware, pottery, matchbook covers, baseball cards, or "Precious Moments" figurines, a professional restoration firm will be able to evaluate the potential value and the ability to effectively salvage the items to allow for an appropriate course of action to take. PuroClean will evaluate, clean contents are packout all items if required following water damage, fire damage or during a mold removal project.

Professional restoration companies like PuroClean Home Rescue (866-722-7876) are dedicated to satisfying the customer and to ease the trauma of a loss by knowing how to or who to call to restore those most important personal possessions of the customer. Cost will always be an issue in the process, but being able to differentiate between the real values, the antique values, and the sentimental values will enable the professional to aide in the process of reducing the cost of the claim and satisfying the homeowner.


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